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Kapedo—6 Kg Double Burner gas cooker

Kapedo—6 Kg Double Meko Gas Cooker

Attach 6 kg meko gas, cook 2 meals at ago. Save time.
Kapedo cooker comes as frame with two burners, Hose pipe and cylinder fitting.
Yours is to connect cylinder fitting on 6kg Meko gas cylinder or 3.9kg gas cartridge.
Kapedo cooker comes with an economizer for regulating gas consumption.

Price : Ksh 4,000/=

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10 Litres kerosene pressure room warmer

10 Litres kerosene pressure room warmer

Keep cylinder outside, ensure enough kerosine. Light up burner inside chicken room, regulate fire and leave over night.

Price : Ksh 6,500/=

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Heavy metal stands. For jiko okoa and Envirofit cookstoves.

Cook while standing. Place jiko on stand.

Price : Ksh 450/=

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Heavy metal stands . For 6 kg meko gas Cylinders

Heavy Metal Stands . For 6 Kg Meko Gas Cylinders

Cook with 6 kg meko gas cylinder while standing.
When you finish with gas cylinder, place charcoal jiko on stand.

Price : Ksh 400/=

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