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Gundua Engineering Services was humbly started in 2010 as a jua kali (informal sector engineering business) as a backyard workshop in Donholm - Savannah ph.4 in the outskirts of Nairobi East by the Founder/Manager Peter N Mugo
- a retired Mechanical Engineering Innovator. Gundua engineering services was doing general engineering fabrications until when the idea of manufacturing PaRaMeko stoves came about.

PaRaMeko stoves and cookers

PaRaMeko stove is a revolutionary  kerosene pressure stove which was innovated by Peter N Mugo in 2012. Single burner stoves are operational with kerosene from one glass to 10 litres while multiple burner kerosene pressure cookers can operate with kerosene from 1/2 litre to 20 litres depending on the model. 

PaRameko kerosene stoves and cookers produce blue flame with low Carbon dioxide and relatively safe, economical, efficient, convenient and easy to operate.

PaRaMeko- an abbreviation of "Paraffin Meko" is a registered brand name of products made by Gundua Engineering Services. Apart from stoves, Gundua Engineering Services fabricates other related products. PaRaMeko stoves were tested and passed for safety and emissions by KEBS in 2013 as safe and efficient alternative to cooking gas. Despite the relative difference in the burn ability between kerosene and LPG gas, PaRaMeko stoves practically heat marginally faster than LPG gas due to difference on the fuel densities and the burner types.

​They are suitable for mid size hotels and homes.